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  • Psychotherapy (HPG)

  • Couples therapy

  • Sex therapy

  • Personality coaching

  • Crisis intervention

Psychologen Düsseldorf

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Marc Zumbach und Karolina Goralski
Praxis für Psychotherapie und Persönlichkeitscoaching

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My name is Karolina Goralski and I welcome you to the website of my psychological practice.

Alongside my colleagues we’re offering the following services in English, Polish and German:

  • Psychotherapy (HPG)
  • Coaching
  • Life and career counseling
  • Crisis interventions
  • Couples Therapy

It’s our goal to quickly reach the core of your problem and to help you overcoming it. I want you to be able to take back full control over your life and to live the way you want as swiftly as possible .

If you’re finding yourself to be in a life situation in which you need advice, help or guidance, I’m inviting you to our practice!

If you are interested in my offer or you’re having any questions about it, please contact us!

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We offer the following services in English, Polish, German and French:


Would you like to talk about your problems in English? Then you’re more than welcome to visit our practice. Our services range from Psychotherapy (HPG), Coaching to Couples Therapy.

Come by with all the issues, problems and topics you would like to speak about. Be assured that we’re not judging or evaluating anyone. Here, you don’t have to hide or be embarrassed about anything. Our duty of confidentiality creates a safe space for you to open up about anything. This definitely will give you the possibility to vent your feeling and emotions. We’re happy with helping you to solve your problem.

If you find yourself to be in a life situation where you need advice, help or a guidance feel free to contact us! Our goal is to get to the core of your problem as swiftly as possible and help you in dealing with it. We want you to be able to live the life you dream of.

Psychotherapie in Düsseldorf

Psychotherapy (HPG)

Psychotherapy (HPG) is well suited for people struggling with mental disorders or other illnesses.

Paartherapie Düsseldorf

Couples Therapy

 Support with any kind of relationship problems.

Persönlichkeitscoaching in Düsseldorf


Coaching helps with setting up life in a way that it develops in the right direction. It finds application in private, professional and family matters.

Therapeutic & Coaching Methods

In our office, we use a wide range of therapeutic/coaching methods that allow you to achieve the effects intended in the shortest period of time possible. The methods which will be applied during our meetings entirely depend on you, your problem and your preferences.

We invite you to our office with any problem – here you don’t have to hide anything. We do not judge anyone’s actions or thoughts. Due to our duty of confidentiality, a space is created for you in which you can speak your mind freely without any embarrassment.

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You are more than welcome to visit our office with any sort of topic or issue. The methods we apply are not limited to any specific topics.

There is a number of issues with which clients come to us. Please remember that each person and problem dependents on personal situations and life experiences. We will be happy to help you deal with your very own subject matter

  • Depression, burnout or stress
  • Neurotic-, eating-, sleep- disorders
  • Anxiety disorders, phobia/ phobias, panic disorders, fear, stage fright
  • Getting out of addiction
  • Psychosomatic diseases such as pains or allergies
  • Partnership and family problems, problems with being single (loneliness, desires)
  • Sexual dysfunctions and related problems
  • Crises in private or professional life
  • Overweight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Anxiety disorders, fear (of public speaking, presentation, exam, doctor (e.g. dentist, surgery)), stage fright
  • Intrinsic compulsion (compulsive control, compulsive actions or thoughts)
  • Partnership and family problems
  • Problems with being single (loneliness, desires, etc.)
  • Stress
  • Sexual themes and related problems
  • Femininity/Masculinity
  • Staying abroad, problems with emigration, integration in a new environment
  • Problems at work (e.g. mobbing) or finding a job
  • Crises in private or professional life (e.g. death of a loved one, separation from a partner, birth of a child, problems with a child, uncertain future, etc.)
  • Help in getting out of a difficult situation
  • Overcoming inhibitions resulting from wrong beliefs and strengthening correct belief systems

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Our team

Karolina Goralski

Karolina Goralski

Certified Social Pedagogue (Dipl. Soz. Päd.) and Healing Practioner for Psychotherapy (HP Psych.)

Plillip Czarnecki

Phillip Czarnecki

Coach, Psychological Counselor & Mindfulness Teacher

Mark Kepler

Mark Kepler

Systemic Coach und Psychological Advisor

Jenny Pat Christoffel

Jenny Pat Christoffel

Coach, Supervisor and Psychological Advisor (Currently not on duty)



The quiet-in-the-background operator

We take your appointment requests

Psychotherapie in Düsseldorf

Agnieszka Kielkowska, Sonja Manafzadeh & Kasia von Vopelius (f.l.t.r.)

Practice coordination

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All therapists and coaches working at the psychotherapeutic practice (HPG) are well experienced and excellently trained. They utilize a variety of highly effective therapeutic/coaching methods.

Yes, there is also an option to receive psychotherapy (HPG) for free through health insurances in Germany. From our experience, there are the following advantages and disadvantages that accompany this option:

Advantage Disadavantages
  • Costs are fully covered by the health insurance
  • If your inquiry is validated by the health insurance company, the waiting time for a first therapy session is currently round about a year.
  • The methods applied are strictly limited by insurance companies, and therapists are only allowed to use the given methods.
  • From our experience, we know that these therapies usually last for years. I do not want to comment on the success of such therapy, but perhaps you yourself know people that ended up in therapy for years.
  • Deciding for this therapeutical route would be accompanied by an entry in your records, which has serious implications if you want to purchase an insurance (health, pension or life insurance, as well as when choosing to become a civil servant) in the future.
Praxisraum in Düsseldorf zur Miete
Praxisraum in Düsseldorf zur Miete

Based on our experience, we can say that most of our clients (even those with really severe problems) usually need 3-5 sessions to completely solve their issue. We work as swiftly as possible so that we can say goodbye to you in a healthy and satisfied manner. Our clients often experience significant changes after the first session.

It is best to contact us by phone so that we can further answer your questions specifically. Our practice coordination firstly will find the ideal contact person (considering your topic, personality, language, and methods required) and inform you about the exact costs with this therapist/coach.

Furthermore, we’re usually able to offer your first appointment to you within a few days. We are also there for you on evenings and weekends.

We are also there for you on evenings and weekends. Your sessions will not be recorded by any health insurance company (you won’t have any future disadvantages with regards to your insurance or if you plan on becoming a civil servant).

You can always decide whether you want to schedule a follow-up session (you are not bound to us). The frequency of meetings is tailored to your needs.

Our evaluation (whether it’s on Google Business/Google Maps or on jameda.de) speaks a very clear language with regards to satisfied clients.

We encourage you to try it out for yourself.

Praxisraum in Düsseldorf zur Miete

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Arrival to the practice

The practice is located on the 4th floor of Achenbachstr. 20, 40237 Düsseldorf (Zooviertel). A lift is available (people with walking difficulties only have to overcome a small step at the entrance to the building – the rest of the way to the practice is at ground level). You can reach the practice by car or very easily by public transport.

Stop Lindemannstraße:
Tram/U-Bahn: 706, U72, U73, U83
Bus: 737

Uhlandstraße stop:
Tram/U-Bahn: 708, U72, U73, U83

If you are arriving by car, you can use one of the free parking spaces on the street or drive to the parking area on Grafenberger Allee 98. These parking spaces are chargeable but inexpensive and only a 5-minute walk from the practice rooms.